Actor/Modeling Headshots: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

I had the pleasure to meet a lovely lady this week. She is a ballet dancer and teacher just like I wanted to be when I grew up (the ballerina part)! Her grace and elegance of a dancer is apparent immediately when you meet her. I also just loved her red hair and green eyes! It was just the perfect morning and we were at a beautiful location! Lesley Tunstall is the lovely model and her hair and makeup were done by the equally lovely Lucretia Connolly.

In this first image I really love the texture and harshness of the wall behind her against her soft skin and gorgeous coloring.
I just keep meeting these actors and models with such gorgeous eyes!
You just can’t beat Maine’s rocky coast as a backdrop…
We were both a little leary of getting to close to the edge as we heard a loud crash 20 minutes into our session and looked over to see dust as a large piece of rock ledge had fallen off the side of the coast.
So we left plenty of room between us and the edge!
Lesley seems to look great in any color…
Okay, I love this image so much I’m going to show it again in black and white.

We took the photos at Fort Williams and it was such a beautiful location with perfect weather!

Much Love,


May 12, 2009 - 9:46 pm Eric Sanqunetti - Awesome shots Shannon. I love how you capture the essence of peoples eyes! Great angles, I can tell you really study the subjects faces to get the shots that really compliment the features within. Great work!

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